wallaroo Wallaroo® Concrete Sleepers

Wallaroo® Concrete Sleepers

The Wallaroo® retaining wall system is the premium retaining wall product for near vertical and very high retaining walls. Its natural smooth, timber or rock face finish and colours ensure a beautifully finished landscape solution.

Features include:

•  3 distinct textures, and a variety of colours that will enhance your landscape project
•  use of high strength reinforced concrete for superior structural performance
•  an easy to install system, flexible to meet your retaining wall needs
•  sleepers can be cut to any length to complete your wall.

concrete sleeper Rock Face-Basalt
Rockface - Basalt

concrete sleeper Woodgrain-Snow Gum

Woodgrain - Snow Gum

The Wallaroo Concrete Sleeper range are designed to compliment our coloured masonry systems ie Tasman, Splitface and Grey block. The addition of this product can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing landscapes

Rockface - Sand

Woodgrain - Snow Gum

Rockface - Grey Stone

View how strong Wallaroo Sleepers are below!

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Available Colours

Smooth Face


Santorini Black

Havana Brown

Tuscan Sun
Rock Face

Grey Stone


River Rock


Snow Gum

Black Wattle


Highland Pine

Download brochure below for more information:

Wallaroo Brochure
Installation Guide

Engineers, please contact us here for further design details.

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