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Drug & Alcohol Policy

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 Drug and Alcohol Policy


This policy will have a commencement date of 19th October 2015.


Workers affected by illicit drugs and alcohol can cause injury to themselves and others, perform poorly in their job, damage valuable equipment and damage Baines Masonry’s reputation.

In addition, workers taking prescription or pharmacy medication may be susceptible to impairment if that medication is used other than in accordance with medical advice or instructions, or where a bad reaction occurs.

The purpose of this policy is to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers and others, and to ensure that the quality of Baines Masonry’s products, services and the safety of its workplace is not compromised by the presence of workers affected by drugs (both illicit and legal) and alcohol.


This Policy applies to all persons with a commercial interest on Baines Masonry’s site. This extends to all employees, contractors, freighters and commercial visitors.


Worker means any person covered under the scope of this policy.

Manager/supervisor means those with responsibility for directing and overseeing workers at Baines Masonry.

Incident means any incident in which there is a “near miss” or an imminent and serious risk in the workplace to any person and/or property, or where serious harm and/or damage to any person or property have occurred in the workplace.

Alcohol: includes any substance that contains any level of alcohol.

Illicit/Illegal Drugs: includes marijuana, cocaine, synthetic cannabinoids, designer drugs, or any other illegal substance as described within Federal or NSW legislation.

OTC Substances/Medications: Over the Counter pharmaceuticals and medications obtained with a prescription.

For the purposes of this policy, you are drug and alcohol free if:

1. For Alcohol – Below 0.02%BAC; or
2. For Illicit Drugs – Zero, no level is acceptable.
3. For OTC/Prescription Drugs: Any level less than the cut off levels stipulated in AS/NZS4308

For the purposes of this policy, you are affected by OTC substances/medications if:

1. you consume OTC substance/medications in a manner which is inconsistent with the recommended/prescribed directions;
2. Your behaviour or performance demonstrates to a reasonable person that you are impaired.

Negative result occurs when the result of a drug or alcohol test carried out accordance with this policy which demonstrates the worker is drug and alcohol free.

Non-negative result occurs when the result of a drug or alcohol test carried out accordance with this policy which demonstrates any result that is not a negative result.

Fail a screen means the same as non-negative result.



Where a manager/supervisor forms the opinion that a worker may be affected by alcohol or illicit drugs, they are to:


Workers are responsible for taking reasonable care of the health and safety of themselves and others in the workplace, and ensuring that their performance and actions are not affected by the use of alcohol or drugs, whether illegal/illicit or not.

A worker must:

A worker must not:

Breach of this policy

A breach of this policy, including a single breach, can result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment.

Company Functions

If any company function sanctioned by Senior Management includes the consumption of alcohol the function will be held offsite. Those participating in the function are expected to conduct themselves in a safe, responsible manner that will not harm themselves, others, property or reputation. Employees will not be permitted to return to work whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The EAP is a program conducted by a third party organisation that offers confidential, professional counselling and support to employees. This program is voluntary and free to the employee. Employees referred to the program are entitled to up to 4 sessions per year. Should the employee require ongoing services at the completion of their EAP sessions, their counsellor will refer them to an appropriate follow up service provider.

The cost of the follow up provider will be at the employee’s expense.

Employees who require more information should speak to the WHS Manager for a copy of the EAP brochure.

Any employee that returns a non-negative screen for alcohol or over dosage of OTC substance/medications will be offered the opportunity to be referred to the Employee Assistance Program.

Additionally, any employee who notifies Baines Masonry that they have a drug and/or alcohol problem will be offered the opportunity to be referred to the Employee Assistance Program.

Policy developed in consultation with Employees:


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