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Baines Masonry is proud to bring SRW Products to Australia.

SRW Products have earned a solid reputation in the US for providing exceptional quality hardscape and concrete products. The SRW product range provides a mix of products for all your hardscape and concrete needs; including building, maintainance and protection of any hardscape project.

SRW Products offers anything from specialised retaining wall installation products such as SRW Adhesive to cleaners, fabrics, sealers, accessories and more.

Please visit www.srwproducts.com for more details

SRW products now available here in Australia

Please download the brochures below or visit www.srwproducts.com for more details

  • SRW Adhesive

    SRW Adhesive

    Superior strength solvent or Rapid set polyurethane


  • Accessories

    SRW Accessories

    Professional tools for SRW application


  • Mulch Stabilizer

    Mulch Stabilizer

    Locks mulch in place, keeping your path or driveway tidy

    Mulch Stabilizer

  • SWR Cleaner


    For Pavers, Wetcast and Naturalstone


  • SRW Paver Sealer

    Paver Sealer

    Enhance the colour and beauty of your next paving project


  • SRW Specialty Sealer

    Specialty Sealer

    Multi surface, multi purpose sealer with natural finish


  • SRW Stone Sealer

    SRW Stone Sealer

    protect and achieve a natural appearence with your Natural Stone


  • SRW Wetcast Sealer

    Wetcast Sealer

    Ideal for high traffic areas in interior or exterior areas


  • SRW Concrete Sealer

    Concrete Sealer

    High gloss finish or natural finish for any concrete surface


  • SRW Fabric


    filtration and stabilisation for drainage and landcaping


  • SRW Polymeric Sand/Edging

    Polymeric Sand/Edging

    Clean, stong and fast installation

    Paving Sand and Edging

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