Betta Block Technology
Betta Block Technology

Betta Block™ Technology

Research and development never stops at Baines Masonry in our quest to remain at the cutting edge of masonry technology. This continual R&D recently resulted in the development of our Betta Block technology which reduces the weight of our grey blocks with no loss of strength, all while reducing Baines environmental footprint. We have, in part, achieved this leap in technology by recycling waste products from power stations and blasts furnaces in our production process. A win-win for the environment and our concrete masonry.
Now that all our grey blocks are produced using the superior Betta Block technology, so now you know that you always get environmentally superior products when you order masonry from Baines.


 Baines Grey Betta Block™ is

  • Made of 65% heavy industry by products
    • Including bottom ash from coal fired furnaces and slag sands from steel production as replacement agregates.
      By using these by-products we are reducing the amount of landfill generated from coal fired power stations and the steel making industry.
  • Uses 40% less cement then normally required, with the addition of Descrete Super Fly Ash
    • 40% less cement means 40% less CO2 emissions
  • Transport Advantages
    • Lighter block means more product per load - reducing the transport impact on the environment.

    Download the fact sheet for more information:

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