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  • Split Face
  • Split Face
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  • Split Face
  • Tasman Block
  • Split Face
Coloured Smooth Face Blocks7 Tasman Retaining Wall7 Split Face4 Split Face Blocks3 Norfolk Retaining Wall11 Tasman Block5 Easy Pave Paving6 Fencestone7 Split Face9 Tasman Retaining Wall10 Split and Smooth Face2
Welcome to Baines Masonry, a innovative NSW family owned company established in 1982.

Baines Masonry manufactures a complete range concrete products including Retaining Wall Systems, Blocks and Pavers in a wide variety of styles and colours. We are constantly adding products to our range to ensure we meet all your concrete masonry needs. It’s not a secret that our success is due to our commitment “quality first”. Our customers, commercial and residential are only delivered quality products with professional service.

Address 900 Wilton Road Appin NSW 2560
Phone Number (02) 4631 1383
Fax (02) 4631 1402

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